The Power to Live Your Vision – Goals to Success Week 2 Decide to Take Action


Welcome to week two of our podcast The Power Live Your Vision. This week we’re going to be focusing on deciding to take action, nothing happens until some form of action is taken. Action and non-action both will create a result, if you make a decision to work on your goals and move towards a successful achievement that and return will be a positive action. If you choose not to take action what you’ll discover will be the loss of motivation, commitment, and end in another lost opportunity to become a successful goal achiever. 

Remember to review lesson 1 the word game, today’s lesson Decide to take Action has a meditation exercise also. If you need support email: or visit my website

The Power to Live Your Vision


Hi, this is your coach Jessie Bowen, Welcome to the launch of the power to live your vision podcast! 

Learning to focus give you the simple secrets to ensure success making the Mind-Body Connection about goals, health, relationships, wealth, and prosperity. Hour podcast is designed to be a coaching show where you can submit your questions and get real answers. We invite you to join our podcast follow us for the next 30 days implement the lessons into your life and experience success in your personal and professional life. 

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Introductory to the Power to Live Your Vision Show


Introductory to the Power to Live Your Vision Show

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