The Bridge to Your Dreams – By Jessie Bowen


The Bridge to Your Dreams – By Jessie Bowen

In this blog post assume you’ve already assessed what you really want. You’ve developed a “vision”—a big picture, long-term vision of what you would ideally want your life to encompass—no constraints, only pure dream.

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This podcast is dedicated to individuals looking to make a difference in the world. Our shows provide in-depth interviews unreal Topic that break the barriers to human potential. Your show host is an expert on mental performance in sports and life. Jessie is a motivational coach a corporate educator for Duke Corporate Education, author of over 20 books, and a Grandmaster in the martial arts holding the rank of 10th-degree black belt. As an educator, he has been on to Duke University's physical education department for over 27 years empowering students to live their dreams.

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