The Power To Live Your Vision – Show Host Jessie Bowen / Special Guest Diana Parks

Listen here as Diana shares her story and explains, no matter how many times life throws you down, you can always get back up and go on. After battling illness, financial failures, and other obstacles, Diana shares her journey to becoming a successful entrepreneur and the founder of HerbaLutionary Herbs33.

How to Change Your Mindset and Achieve Your ObjectivesAll you have to do now is change your thinking. Anyone can notice the plenty all around them and immediately realize that any goal is within reach. All you have to do is shift your mindset and be more open to receiving. You will be able to see and access all of the riches that are accessible to you if you develop an abundant attitude. Empower Your Life”Manifest the Life of Your Dreams! The Ultimate Guide To Living an Abundant, Unlimited & Content Life”.

Published by elitecorporatecoach

This podcast is dedicated to individuals looking to make a difference in the world. Our shows provide in-depth interviews unreal Topic that break the barriers to human potential. Your show host is an expert on mental performance in sports and life. Jessie is a motivational coach a corporate educator for Duke Corporate Education, author of over 20 books, and a Grandmaster in the martial arts holding the rank of 10th-degree black belt. As an educator, he has been on to Duke University's physical education department for over 27 years empowering students to live their dreams.

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