This online event is devoted to martial arts authors sharing their book stories, as well as in-depth techniques for creating and marketing a successful book. Over 20 authors have been invited to this impactful event.

  • Professor Gary Lee
  • Grandmaster Keith Vitali
  • Grandmaster Karen Eden
  • Grandmaster Jessie Bowen
  • Grandmaster Randy Robinson
  • Dr. John Williams
  • Professor Willie the BAM Johnson
  • Master Andrea Harkins
  • Master Jose Torres
  • Sifu Art Camacho
  • Professor John Terry
  • And others

The Science Behind Procrastination: Understanding and Conquering Your Inner Saboteur The Power To Live Your Vision Podcast

The Science Behind Procrastination: Understanding and Conquering Your Inner Saboteur Procrastination is a common dilemma that affects most people at some point in their lives. It's the act of delaying or postponing tasks, particularly those that require immediate attention. While procrastination may seem harmless, it can significantly impact our mental, emotional, and physical well-being. In this article, we'll delve deeper into the science behind procrastination, including the psychological and neurological factors that contribute to our procrastination habits. We'll also explore some practical tips and techniques to help you conquer your inner saboteur and increase productivity. Goal Setting Fundamental Keys to Success Kindle Edition
  1. The Science Behind Procrastination: Understanding and Conquering Your Inner Saboteur
  2. Why Most of People are not Rich?
  3. The The Power to Live Your Vision Podcast with Jessie Bowen and Juanita Kapp
  4. Become An Author Podcast with Special Guest and Shun Hartley
  5. The Power to Live Your Vision – 2022 Goal Setting Plan


Elite Publications – The Authorpreneur

This is a video course designed to guide you with all the skills in publishing and marketing for your book with daily modules in 30 days. Writer’s Certification Certificate will be issued when you reach 100% completion of your course.

Published by elitecorporatecoach

This podcast is dedicated to individuals looking to make a difference in the world. Our shows provide in-depth interviews unreal Topic that break the barriers to human potential. Your show host is an expert on mental performance in sports and life. Jessie is a motivational coach a corporate educator for Duke Corporate Education, author of over 20 books, and a Grandmaster in the martial arts holding the rank of 10th-degree black belt. As an educator, he has been on to Duke University's physical education department for over 27 years empowering students to live their dreams.

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